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August / September 1998

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A letter to the Editor
I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the efforts of Jenny and Steve, for all they have done and continue to do for our Vizsla Club, organising get togethers, the fabulous Newsletters - always informative and friendly - and all the great jobs that go with secretary/editors hat! We are so lucky to have the enthusiasm that Jenny exudes. I know that the Newsletter must take an enormous amount of Jenny's time, but am sure you'll all agree a joy to read.

Form all of us - Jenny & Steve a big ‘THANKS'.

sincerely Sharon Gillespie.

Editor: [blushing furiously] It is a labour of love! Thank you for your lovely comments Sharon!

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Get Together

Editors Comments:

Image: Hubertus Nutcracker (Imp Aust) - Owners Gavin & Sylvia Cole, Christchurch.

A new year (Newzsletter year) is underway. I would like to take this chance to thank you all for your continuing support and to pass my own comments about our first two years and my hopes for the future!

We have met many delightful people since getting involved with our beautiful dogs and then getting involved with the Vizsla community internationally via the Internet and starting this Newzsletter. All this has opened so many doors to introduce us to people all over the country and all over the world! We have been delighted to have visitors coming to our home - some just to see the dogs and share a cup of coffee; some to stay longer. We have also enjoyed meeting the others who come to see us at shows and events. We look forward to meeting lots more of you in the future.

However the time has also opened our eyes to the other side - some (luckily a minority) seem to take their Vizsla ownership beyond the bounds of what seems sense to us. Being told by overseas breed show judges that it was really nice to see the New Zealand Vizsla owners all FRIENDLY with each other outside rings is a sad indictment on what can be seen at some overseas shows! Hearing about the arguments and controversy in some parts of the world where they are starting to DNA test to ensure that a dog has not been cross bred to enhance the competitive ability in Field Trials!

Our beautiful dogs are part of our lives and part of our family. Talking to other Vizsla owners confirms the belief that world wide the majority simply love their dogs and wish to spend time with them. But unfortunately not all!

If we ever get to the stage where all owners sit apart at shows; where we feel the need to lie & cheat to make our dogs competitive; maybe then it is time to sit back and wonder why we got our dogs in the first place and what we wanted to accomplish with them.

As we head into the coming years my hope is that we keep the high levels of honesty and friendship in our breed. And that we always remember that loving our dogs comes before any competition or achievement we may gain with them. Hopefully this Newzsletter can work as a small part of keeping that wonderful sense of ‘community' alive!


Get Together
On Sunday 14th June we had a get together at our place. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us (it poured all day) but the turn out was still great. With the bad weather, there was no real ability to have any fun games for the dogs .... but meeting owners and dogs; people seeing relatives to their dogs; just seeing the dogs together was a help to making a good day anyway. We will try to have another get together in the near future when the weather has settled a bit.

Don't forget that ANY of you can organise a get together at ANY time. Contact me for names and addresses or phone numbers of all the members in your area or arrange it for a time when I can advertise in this Newzsletter. They are fun times ... don't forget to have a camera there and send us some photos!

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