The Vizsla Newzsletter (Aug / Sept 1998)
Pet Expo

Image: NZ Ch Wynyard Voriz Zsaylem ADX (Zsaylem) - "I think I might be coming down with the flu!"


By Anne McMaster

Thousands of people came through the dog display area and while all the breeds were popular the aristocratic Vizslas were much admired and always had large numbers gathered around.

They saw Robyn Bell and Greg Mackie's beautiful Vizsla (Roy) lying down with all feet up in the air in his usual laid back pose saying "more pats please". Nicky Caddicks 'Mya' also decided this was the best way to attract attention the following day and certainly her three Vizslas were a highlight for many. Gavin Cole's 'Sam' was so eager to get in the limelight he upended the display table then once positioned sat like a lamb, lapping up the attention. Steve McMillans 'Jackson' was seen smiling with 5 or 6 kids hanging off him loving him to death. Our Jarrah did agility with much enthusiasm.

The promoter of the breed parade stated how much improved the Vizsla breed had become since she first saw them in England in the 1970's. The next day Jarrah assumed her usual 'I'm a lady pose" to the delight of many who stopped to admire and pat her.

Why did we give up our weekend to promote the breed? It was to show the public what a wonderful and special breed the Vizsla is as well as reinforcing the positive aspects of dog ownership.

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