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February / March 1998

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Well we are still basically homeless - our 14 acres has not happened so we are land or land & house hunting again!! Let us know if there are any bargains in your area (North Island only due to other commitments). Obviously fate is saying that the RIGHT place has not turned up yet! In the meantime we have fax again and all our contact details are here.

Note: Contact details have changed again since this newsletter was printed but the contact details on our contact page are always current.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

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Image: Val Aubrey and Luka (Hubertus Quest for Star)

SUBMISSIONS are slowing down a bit!!! We want ALL sorts. Remember that we LOVE hearing about ALL Vizsla owners and your dogs. Tell us about your trip to the beach, your first night at obedience training, how the outside dog became an

inside dog, how your dog got it's name, funny stories, sad stories, just day to day stories. ALL help to make this a truly encompassing Newzsletter. Write a letter to the editor if you have an opinion you want to share (remember to mark it as to the Editor or I may think it's just to me!!!!).

Our new family member!!! After breeding an absolutely GORGEOUS litter from Maggy Mae and Warwick Gibb's dog Hydro (Pfalcon of Szep-Allat) of which we were going to keep the pick bitch, I found myself with the opportunity to get a puppy from Jan Edward's last litter which was a repeat mating of the 2 dogs who produced her so successful bitch Roze (see later article as to HOW successful). So I had a major dilemma - 2 pups was going to be TOO much so I have found a lovely home for P'linka (Barat Brandy Palinka) and have added to our family Spirit (Tigar Lily of Szep-Allat).

It was sad not to have a pup from our litter stay behind but we still jointly own her and will be real pests to the new Mum & Dad!!!! This way both will get HEAPS of love and cuddles!

Sunday Doggy Sunday Steve, Gareth Williams and myself 'manned' a Vizsla stall at this event on Sunday 25th January. Despite the LARGE sign that said Hungarian Vizsla, we still had many people come up and say "I've never seen one like this before. What are they" or "I didn't know that Weimaraners came in this colour"!!!!! We were a bit disappointed not to have more help as it was a very tiring day with very large crowds very interested in learning about this attractive breed.

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