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June / July 1998

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Members on TV
On Monday 1st June Anita Benbrook was on the news on TV3 getting a prize in The Big Hunt for shooting 2 deer with 1 bullet!! Talk about economy of ammunition! She was hunting with her husband Rex and their Vizsla Khan (Ch Aranyoz Make A Mark Imp Aust) when she sighted the deer. Both were clean kills. And apparently Khan was the front page photo in the newspaper the next day! Well done Anita!

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Editors Comments:
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Image: Some of Lynette Sheppard's puppies from her C litter!

Well at long last we did it - Yes we have moved into our own place again! And it is nowhere near where we were looking or nothing like what we were looking for. A perfect example of 'Best laid plans of mice and men ...".

Several times, while we did not own a place, Steve was approached with offers of permanent employment - something he has tried very hard to avoid in the past (he has been self employed and doing contract work up till now). Well since we were not managing to buy what we wanted we decided that we should take a look at these jobs .... and one was just the type of work that Steve enjoys so we have ended up with Steve working in central city Wellington and us having bought a house and three acres out of Upper Hutt. Anyone in the area or passing through please drop in and say Hi!

Please update your records with our new address and contact numbers!

Get Together

To celebrate our new house we invite any and all of you to our place for a Vizsla get together on June 14th (short notice I know but at least it made me hurry up and get the Newzsletter out). Arrival time about 11.00am. Everyone bring a plate for a shared lunch. Phone, fax or email (details above) to let us know if you can make it and get directions to our place.

NZKC Supplement

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