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December 1997 / January 1998

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Editors' Move
Yes we have moved (or are still moving - read about it here). We sold our place at Thames and thought we had bought 14 acres at Orakei Korako (between Rotorua and Taupo) However at time of printing that is somewhere in doubt due to the seller changing the 'conditions' at the last minute. We will keep you updated with our movements. Our new contact details can be found at the top of the Newzsletter!! BUT the phone number that Telecom promised faithfully would be in operation from Dec. 18th, they now say we MAY get by Dec 27th!!!!!

We HAD hoped to have a get-together and property warming on January 18th but that is in abeyance at present until we find out what is happening. In the meantime we still welcome visitors to the property we are renting - 3rd house on the left up Orakei Korako Road! We will attempt a get-together when we have more details about our final destination!

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Details here. Please send us articles and photos. The more local content we can get, the more interesting this newzsletter becomes.

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On Sunday 25th January, Auckland Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Association in conjunction with Butch are holding the inaugural DOG DAY SUNDAY. The aim of this afternoon is to promote dog breeds and responsible dog ownership. This will be a public event at the Western Springs Outer Sports Field (Auckland) and the organisers expect about 5000+ people to attend. To boost public involvement they will be hosting a number of attractions including obedience, agility, participation events, breed stalls, demonstrations, pet contests with celebrity judges, concessions, food stalls and a D.J..

We have accepted the invitation for the Vizsla club to participate with a stall. This will cost us nothing but we must commit to manning the stall from 11am-5pm. To ensure we get good exposure and enough time for us all to have a look at the other exhibits we ask that as many of you as possible help us with the manning of the stall (the more Vizslas there the better) and, if you have any Vizsla memorabilia, we ask that you bring that with you on the day (and preferably let us know beforehand to ensure we have enough table or notice board space). Let us know if you are able to help thanks.

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Image above: Ch Ruby Roze of Szep-Allat
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