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The title, Versatile Gun Dog also includes the titles:

der Jagdgebruchshund
Continental Gundog
Dual or multi purpose gundog
HPR hunt-point-retrieve breeds

"The ultimate purpose of training and testing hunting dogs, be they specialist pointers, flushers, retrievers or trackers or, the non specialist versatile gun dogs, is to improve the genetically determined traits and maximize the learned qualities of the dogs. We want to make the best possible, most efficient hunting dogs we can both for our personal pleasure and, more importantly, for the ethical, humane treatment of the game we are hunting. There is no more demeaning behavior by the hunter than inhumane and cavalier treatment of game. To cause unnecessary and prolonged pain and suffering of game by failing to quickly and humanely kill it is unethical. And if not a clean kill, failing to efficiently retrieve and dispatch wounded game is intolerable. Therefore, we try to breed the best dogs possible and we train them to the best of their and our ability. We test dogs in trials of field tests so that impartial judges can evaluate our success or failure to breed and train them adequately."
* Excerpt from Standard Operating procedures; Handling of Game Birds for NAVHDA Field Trials.

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