of New Zealand

Reader's Pictures

Email Jenny if you have a picture that you would like to placed on this page.

Pictures should be in JPG format if possible, otherwise any format will probably do.

Teddy's good side
Bill's Teddy the Charmer
"My good side, if you please"

Teddy with brain cramps
Teddy in 'Destroy' mode

Dasa Motee
Dean Nelson from Holly, MI in the USA sent us this picture of Dasa Motee,
out of FC AFC Shotgun Danny Dude and Magyar Selle Maggie J.
Photo is by Jan Wallace.

Jacquelyn Bell sent us the next four pictures of Tisza.
They were taken in July 1996 when she was 9 months old. She loves the water and her "tube".
Jacque tells me "I have a hard time getting her back in the boat so that I can ski!"

"Hey Dude! You gonna tow this thing, or do I get out and push"

Sheeze! Can't this thing go any faster?

Ahh! Mom! ... Mom?? ... MOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!

Hows this pose?
Does this show off my pink collar best?
It's my good side you know!

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