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The Brandy Litter

Our "Brandy" litter were born on the 28th of November 1997 to Ch Maggy May of Szep Allat (Maggy) and well known hunting dog Pfalcon of Szep Allat (Hydro).


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The pups have all just been born.

They got themselves into that line - honest!

Maggy, Steve & Brian (oldest son) with two of the pups. Jenny has another but is just out of the picture.
Picture courtesy of Neil Cotty, thanks Neil.

This puppy really knows how to spent the day

"I can see one over there, and another two around over there, but where are the other three hiding?"

grunt! gasp! if only I could.. grunt! it all looks much better up there.. gasp!

Learning to play in the garden

Playing in the garden is just the best fun a puppy can have


Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me .... what are they doing over there?

Off exploring

It's been a hard day.

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