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Getting a New Young Human

There are several very good books and articles for getting a new human when you have a young Vizsla in the house. Here are just a few of the examples of things to watch out for:

Make certain that you crate your new human and that it learns to sleep in that crate and that the crate (or kennel) is always accessable as a place it can go for peace.

Always ensure that you keep an eye on the human every time that it gets near your Vizsla as your human can interpret signs differently from the Vizsla and the human instinct may come through - you wouldn't want to have your human biting your Vizsla and having to put your wonderfull new human down now would you?

Teething times can be destructive, pig's ears are quite effective (it may pay to ensure that the pig part is removed before giving your human one of these).

You can get wonderfull cages to place in the back of your car to place your human when travelling so that it doesn't interfere with your Vizsla, if you leave your human in your car make certain that it is only for a short while (eg; just getting milk from the store), and that you leave a little space at the top of the windows to let fresh air into the car so your human won't be unduly stressed.

Little humans can often be so cute that they tend to attract the attention of passers-by so you may come back to your car to find it surrounded by people who will ask you all about the breed and parhaps even the breeding line, and if you will be having any babies from it in the future. Remember to ensure that you watch your new human for the first few years as they tend to have difficulty with house training so take it out on the lawn often. Take your pooper scooper with you when going for walks so you can watch out for human-doo.

Human obedience classes are a must as is socialisation at an early age. Let it know who'se boss without resorting to anger, and make sure that you get it used to the collar. Please check the local bylaws in your area regarding new humans, some areas, for instance, do not allow a human in parks unless they are on a lead and not on beaches at all.

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