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December 1998 / January 1999

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Vizsla and Vittles
Vizslas and Vittles Cookbook This idea for this cookbook came from the Vizsla list on the Internet! Volunteer time and organisation was done by people on the Vizsla list and recipes and stories come from people on the Vizsla list! The costs of production was covered by donations and advertising (again mainly people on the Vizsla list!!). The end result is TREMENDOUS!! All proceeds raised from this cookbook are to be used for VIZSLA RESCUE! As our breed gets more well known and popular this becomes a VERY REAL possibility! I still have a few of these books so contact me SOON to order if you want one of these delightful books! Also in 1999 I am HOPING to get organised to get some Vizsla SOCKS produced. I anticipate that these will sell for about $10 per pair but will need to get at least 50 pairs made. Let me know if you are interested (and what quantity you would like) as this will help me to decide whether it is worth going ahead with.
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Editors Comments:

Image: Photo from the Pointer Setter Club Natural Game trials earlier in 1998!

Well eventually I have got all the information to the Kennel Club for our March Hungarian Vizsla supplement and I think that it will be very informative and worthwhile! It was a mammoth task to co-ordinate and any thoughts I may have had that I was just a ‘collection point' certainly disappeared in the last few weeks!

I wish to thank all those who have contributed articles and ads to help make this larger than many supplements from more well known breeds! Those who missed out ... well maybe it will all happen again in another 12 or so years and with a DIFFERENT co-ordinator!!!


Well Christmas has been and gone this year and the newsletter is later out than usual (mainly due to time spent organising the supplement) BUT we still would like to wish you compliments of the season and hope that you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

So in lieu of a pre Christmas Newsletter we are going to have a NEW YEAR BARBEQUE at our place (that's the Peacocke's place - NOT Te Papa!!) SUNDAY January 17th!

(Of course this BBQ has happened ages ago by the time I got this on the Internet - Oh well, all you New Zealanders should have subscribed to the actual newzsletter and you may have been able to be there)

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