The Vizsla Newzsletter (Oct / Nov 1998)
Car Capers

Danny & Rosie
Image: Danny & Rosie during a quiet moment.

Car Capers

By Pam Haley - Kailua, Hawaii

Danny, in the four short years of his life, enriched our household with his vizsla antics. His pal Rosie was always there to back him up.

Danny, Rosie and I were on our way to an evening obedience class but first we had to stop at the grocers. It was sheer luck that I was able to park in the stall closest to the store entrance. I grabbed the keys out of the ignition, dropped them in my bag and got out of the van. In a matter of minutes I had made my purchase and was walking towards the store exit. I noticed that there were a number of people coming into the store in obvious good humor. Hmmm? The reason for the smiles was soon evident. Danny was sitting in the driver's seat looking particularly regal while Rosie mirrored his position, with her usual dignity, from the passenger's seat. They looked like vizsla bookends guarding my car and they were drawing a crowd of smiling shoppers. Pausing as I reached for the car door handle, I politely fielded the usual 'What kind of dogs..' question.

Two things happened simultaneously: Danny stood on the driver's seat to greet me, then placed a paw on the car door and engaged the lock mechanism. I reached into my bag for the keys - they weren't there!

A quick glance in the van's window confirmed my worst fear. In my haste, I had dropped the car keys. They were in plain view on the floor next to the drivers seat. Suppressing feelings of panic, I walked around the van and checked each door. They were all securely locked. Danny, not wanting to miss a thing, placed his paws on the steering wheel so he could see what I was doing. The small group of curious shoppers increased many fold when that wiggle butt vizsla leaned on the horn - producing a series of staccato blasts that heralded the arrival, of the store manager.

I will admit that, for a split second, I considered denying any previous association with the occupants of my vehicle. It was a red faced vizsla owner who reassured the store manager that everything was under control. I pointed at the keys and stated that they were 'right there!' Rosie, who was still quietly sitting in the passenger seat, very carefully got down and picked up the wayward keys. With a glimmer of hope, I calmly commanded: 'Rosie, hold'. By now there was a fairly large crowd watching our drama unfold. Rosie waited obediently as I stuck my fingers through the narrow window opening. Everyone got very quiet when they realized that I was talking to a dog. Rosie's immediate response to the 'come' command evoked a gasp from our audience and when the words 'drop it' actually put the keys into my outstretched hand the crowd erupted cheering. Danny 'rooood' for good measure.

I would like to think that my well executed 'point' saved the day but I suspect that everyone, who saw it happen, knew the real heroine.

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