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April / May 1998

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New Zealand's first ever
Vizsla Grand Champion!
How is a Grand Championship gained in New Zealand???

Well only the VERY BEST can ever get it as the dog must have won at least 50 challenge certificates and three best in shows at All Breed Championship shows under three different judges click for more...

Deadlines, Advertising and Subscriptions
Details here. Please send us articles and photos. The more local content we can get, the more interesting this newzsletter becomes.

Editors Comments:

Photo: Jenni Stanniforth's bitch Steffi doing Flyball (Australia)

Steffi doing Flyball NZ Gazette Supplement

In March 1999 the New Zealand Kennel Club Gazette is publishing a supplement on the Hungarian Vizsla.

First we welcome submission of articles about these great dogs. Although all submissions must be sent to us, the NZKC has final editorial choice about what is published but we hope that, with your help, we will have a great range of fun and interesting articles to offer them covering all aspects of Vizslas including showing, trialing, hunting, obedience, agility and just sheer fun of the dogs.

Secondly we are now accepting bookings for advertising in the supplement. The NZ Kennel Gazette supplement is an ideal way to highlight and advance the breed. Many people looking for information on dogs use this resource. The Kennel Club also reprints copies of the supplements to sell to people interested in the breed in future years. Breeders in both New Zealand and Australia should find this an ideal way to keep their names in the forefront for potential buyers of the breed. Prices for ads are very reasonable. Also the more ads we get the more articles we may publish!

As co-ordinator of this supplement all article and advertisement copy should be sent to me. Also you may contact me for further details such as size and costs for ads. My address is at the top of the newsletter. We will be moving at some stage (when we actually find a place to purchase) but we will let you know our new address when that happens AND we will have a redirection notice put in to the Post Office. So send your articles and ads NOW!!!!!

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