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Vol 1 - June 1996

To all Vizsla owners, Wannabe Vizsla owners,
and anyone else interested in the Vizsla breed!


Our names are Jenny & Steve Peacocke and we own two Vizslas (or Vizslak as we are informed is the correct way to pluralise in Hungarian).

For a long time we have felt that there is a distinct lack in New Zealand as we do not have a club or organisation dedicated to Vizslak and those people who love this wonderful and versatile breed.

Therefore we are now proposing that we start one!!

We have begged, borrowed and stolen a list of names of people who own (or are interested in owning) one or more Vizslak but we know that this list is very incomplete so we ask that you copy this newsletter and give it to any other Vizsla owners or interested people you know.

Initially we envisage the Vizsla Club of New Zealand (or whatever it is called) being fairly informal. A newsletter 3 or 4 times each year would be a good way to keep awareness of what is happening in the breed and who is doing what with their dogs.

This should not only cover the more obvious issues such as conformation showing and field trialing, but would also include activities such as hunting, obedience, agility and tracking. Those who do none of these activities should not feel left out. Human interest stories and amusing anecdotes seem to abound at places that Vizslak live in - isn t it a pity not to share them with an interested audience? Also resources and information could be shared. Problems and worries could be discussed.

The newsletter would be enhanced by incorporating a couple of profiles of owners each issue and maybe the club as a whole could be a focus to try and get some annual (or more often if desired) get togethers in different areas of the country. There is nothing nicer than a gaggle of Vizslak playing together (except maybe also having their happy owners sipping wine/beer/soda/whatever under the warm sun!)

Eventually the club might need to become more formal and seek recognition from the NZKC and even organise some more formal events such as shows and fun days.

REMEMBER: These ideas listed here are only suggestions. As with any club, the members would decide the direction it eventually went in. Our idea is only to get some off the ground to start with and then see where it heads after that.


The latest craze circling the globe seems to be The Internet and all the related areas such as E-mail and the World Wide Web. Well the Vizsla community does not miss out. For all those with access to the Internet, there is a home page dedicated to Vizslas. This can be found at the following web address:

Also, if e-mail is your thing a Vizsla group discusses the good, the bad, the funny, the serious, the relevant and the irreverent with over 200 Vizsla owners participating. If you have access to e-mail and want to be involved, then to subscribe send an e-mail note addressed to:

In the subject line write:

sub vizsla [yourname]
(note: your name, not your email address)

And for the proud dog owners out there the Internet has been hosting a Virtual Dog Show which can be found at:
Note: as an old newzsletter, this link may be out of date

(Editors small brag: Our Maggy (Ch Maggy Mae of Szep-Allat) was placed 4th out of the 14 Vizslas entered! And that was without the wonderful professional photographs used by most of the other entries!)


Among the many other things we have found on the Internet is a section on learning to speak Hungarian. Using this (and comments from Jenny s Hungarian uncle) we include the following about how to pronounce Vizsla .

  • V pronounced the same as in English
  • I is not quite as short as the sound in sit , more like the short ee in feet and meet
  • ZS like the s in pleasure
  • L pronounced the same as in English
  • A hard to describe, but rather like the sound in awe and the British hot
So, while many people anglicise the name to pronounce as Viz-La, we are trying very hard to use correct Hungarian pronunciation and call them Vees-la .


Since we haven t yet been overwhelmed by Vizsla owners with ESP sending us their profiles we will just have to start with ourselves.

As mentioned at the start of this newsletter we are Steve & Jenny Peacocke. Both of us come from strong farm backgrounds where dogs were a normal part of daily life. However over the years we have moved away from the farming environment and ended up involved in computers (Steve is a Business Analyst/Analyst Programmer and Jenny distributes and supports accounting software). This has meant many years of hard work and city living with no dogs (except for a German Shorthaired Pointer for a short time).

However in 1990 we moved out of Auckland into our new house at Thames. With the office at home and a small block giving us a bit of space the decision to get another dog was made - but what type? We wanted a medium sized, short haired, family fixated, friendly, clean pet. Jenny was also interested in doing agility at some stage in the future (after having seen UK TV programs showing this). We liked GSP s, Labs and many other gundogs so decided to look in this group. Steve s sister mentioned the Vizsla breed and we started researching and reading every dog book we could find. We also visited breed shows when a Vizsla was showing (which was not easy to find). Eventually we contacted Jan Edwards and asked about her dogs and whether we could buy one. Like many newbies we were expecting to be able to buy one WHEN WE WANTED and were amazed when we actually ended up waiting about 12 months for our new puppy.

We were in Wellington when the litter was about 3 weeks old so excitedly we went to visit Jan and puppies. One major point of controversy happened because of this visit - the dearest, cutest little puppy that Jan pointed out as ours looked (at that stage) like a little old wrinkled potato (or Spud!). Jan named our beautiful baby Jovita of Szep-Allat . Since then she has become Ch Jovita of Szep-Allat and she is a lovely, gentle, feminine bitch. But to this day we still call her Spud !!!

In 1993 we (like many before us!) decided that one Vizsla was not enough and in 1994 Maggy (now Ch Maggy Mae of Szep-Allat) was added to our family - 8 weeks old and adorable DYNAMITE!. With the advent of Maggy we took to breed showing and have become hooked. Maggy just loves showing off and is delighted to be taken anywhere that has a large group of dogs and people.

Spud and Jenny follow the agility circuit in the top part of the North Island. Often not as successfully as we would like but always having fun. This year the goalpost being worked for is an AD and ADX. Maggy is in training for agility but (since we plan on her having puppies later this year) it will be still some time before she starts competing.

We are constantly amazed at how these lively, loving dogs have changed and dominated our way of life ... but now we wouldn t have it any other way!


This one came from the Internet - get hooked, it s great fun!

Vizslak are sometimes used in some parts of the world as seeing eye dogs. Their total commitment to their owners, their friendly nature, and their inbuilt need to please make them ideal friends and guide dogs to the blind and hard of hearing.

One such Vizsla in America had, along with others from other breeds, finally passed it s training and had been assigned to it s new owner. The owner had also been trained so along came the day when they had also passed their classes.

This was cause for much celebration, American style, with an open air stand and much speech giving by various dignitaries etc.

Imagine the picture of six or seven blind people sitting on their chairs on the stand behind the speaker; some handlers sitting on their chairs with their Golden Retriever lying peacefully on the floor beside them; others with Labradors lying peacefully beside them; and then the one on the end with her Hungarian Vizsla, it s back feet on the ground, front feet and upper body draped over it s new owner s lap, happily surveying all the other people who came to celebrate.

This epitomises the Vizsla who is there with their owner , not as the dog but as part of the team of two.


Well this could be it - the one and only Vizsla Newsletter if we get no (or very limited) response. But we are more optimistic than that. We have included a form for you to fill in. We would really appreciate it if even those who do not want to join a Vizsla club could send it back as it would be interesting to have a database of information showing the how, what, why & where of Vizsla ownership in New Zealand.

If we get a reasonable response the next step will be to confirm that we are going to continue to those interested (and probably send out an invoice for membership - we will need to at least cover the cost of newsletters by this).

HOWEVER this idea will only work if you, the owners, are willing to be involved. We have access to many resources to find information for a newsletter but it will only be really interesting if everyone contributes. Articles, profiles, results, funny stories, helpful hints. All these, and more, are needed to make a well rounded newsletter.

Also, as mentioned previously, area get togethers and fun days would help to promote a good club feeling. We can supply the lists of names and numbers from the club list but for the rest, these will need to be organised by someone from within the individual areas.

Eventually we will need to become formal enough to elect a committee and set up a formal structure of rules but we don t see any point on doing this before we get a good core of people already involved.

We welcome any and all input into this idea. Our contact details are at the top of this newsletter and we are happy for you to phone, fax or write to us with any queries or ideas. This idea is not designed as a We are starting a club so do it our way . We are thinking more along the lines of We really want to join one but it doesn t yet exist so someone s got to start it. But hopefully there are more of you out there also willing to be involved .


Oops ....... There don t seem to be any of these!!!

No photos either ............ Except ours ...........

Submissions welcome. (Encouraged even!!!!)

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